Market Insight and Talent Mapping

We provide smart insight into talent groups, to facilitate a better understanding of availability, succession planning or salary benchmarking.

We can provide research and analysis for organisations that don’t have the in-house capabilities to deliver strategic level insight to plan and activate their recruitment activity. Alternatively, we can offer overflow support to existing direct recruitment teams, to help them manage capacity.

Leveraging our recruitment experience and using business intelligence techniques, we deliver proprietary insight to organisations that require evidence to better understand talent segments.

With market insight, stakeholders can build business cases based on hard evidence to support internal decision making. By modelling relevant talent market data, the research and analysis we provide can be used to shape attraction and sourcing strategies. This empowers our clients with the sourcing science they need to succeed in a challenging competitor landscape.

With market insight, we can help clients transform from being reactive, responding to ‘just-in-time’ talent needs, to driving proactive business change with the foresight to make more informed talent acquisition decisions.


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