SSE: Smart Meter Project RPO

As part of the Government’s Energy Company Smart Meter roll out SSE had a talent challenge. They needed to hire 1,500 Smart Meter Engineers in a short time-frame when all the energy companies are looking for the same skills and people. A long term client of TMP, SSE turned to their Talent Solutions Partner to share the problem and out source the project.

The Challenge

TMP’s task was to recruit approximately 1,500 Smart Meters Installers by December 2017. So time was of the essence. The hiring process needed to be revisited and transformed into a streamlined, fast and consistent application and selection experience, the existing application was time consuming for the managers and elongated for candidates.

The next challenge we faced was the limited talent pool of candidates in high demand. So it was essential that SSE made the right impact in the market using the best channels and the right messages to promote their roles and build pipelines.

We knew that the hiring manager population was incredibly busy so we needed to create a process that required minimal time commitment from them but ensured that the right talent was hired.

The Solution

TMP’s Occupational Psychologist team designed a new online application process which allowed us to remove SSE Managers’ time spent interviewing so that they would only meet the candidates as they arrived on their first day of training. This work has since been nominated for an Innovation Award by the Association of British Psychology.

Our UK Delivery Centre was able to support candidates through their candidate journey ensuring that each stage was quick and efficient and kept the applicants engaged.

Thanks to the newly designed online 3D model and multiple choice tests, we were able to assess candidates at a high pass rate.


“TMP proactively engaged with us and we have been really pleased with the results both in terms of the speed of project set up, the team that they deployed to work with us and the added value that they continue to provide. The TMP account team have challenged my team and the wider Smart Meter programme team to both change our way of thinking and how we do things within SSE. TMP has also demonstrated a real desire to ensure we have the best possible solution in place within the fastest time possible and have brought a genuine creative and partnership approach which has positively impacted both my team and the organisation.”

Lee Newbold, HR Business Partner - Metering and Smart Transformation

Benefits and Results

The results so far, between October 2016 and Feb 2017 289 Smart Meter Installers started at SSE. There are a further 248 candidates booked to start this year. With 65 days being the new average time to receive an offer. And, throughout we have increased the quality of the candidates who have been hired.

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